There are two different options.

Option 1

You can store and send to us on physical carrier such as writable discs ( CD-R, DVD+ /R/R DL )  or replicated ones. We accept

  • CD-Audio with CD-Text
  • CD-ROM Mode 1
  • CD-ROM XA Mode 2 ( VCD, CVCD )
  • CD-Extra Mixed Mode ( data + audio )
  • DVD-ROM ( DVD-Forum )
  • DVD-Video ( DVD-Forum )
  • DVD-Audio ( DVD-Forum )

In order to record Your master disc please use high quality recordables. Before storing Your data onto disc, please make sure that there are is no dirt or physical defects, finger prints, etc. on the surface. Master disc has to be compatible with the one you ordered and with the speed adequate for the format:

  • CD-Audio CD-R 700MB – x4
  • CD CD-R 700MB – x24
  • DVD5 DVD-R 4,7 – x16
  • DVD9 DVD-R DL 8,5 – x8

Please check  carefully the content and  functionality aspects  before sending or uploading the master because every and each compac disc You are going to order is going to be the exact replica of the master ( provided source material ). Your master disc should be checked on several computers ( CD-ROM, DVD-ROM ), listen to on different CD players ( CD Audio ) or DVD players ( DVD-Video ).

We do not interfere in Your source material in any way, any mistakes and/or improper operation of replicas are the responsibility of the ordering party. In case you are sending physical discs as the source material make sure to prepare and send two copies in case one of them is damaged or unreadable.

Please use specially designed markers to describe master discs. Never do it with ballpen.

Option 2

You can supply it as a disc image ( ISO ) on HDD discs or flash memories or send it online via FTP server or We Transfer. We accept following electronic file formats:

  • ISO
  • NRG ( Nero Burning ROM disc image )
  • DDP ver. 2.0

While sending it online please attach MD5 checksum. ( you will find free MD5 software here: