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Vinyl records

Still very popular among music admirers. Providing sound depth and quality which can not be replaced by digital carriers.We collaborate with Europe`s leading pressing plants guaranteeing highest quality to our customers. Printing and assembling is supervised directly by our staff.

Available types

Vinyl records may vary in a diameter and weight. Depending on these parameters different playing time is achieved. The table below presents full specification.

 7”  10”  12”
Playing time with 33 rpm 6:50 min 13:37 min 19:20 min
Playing time with  45 rpm 5:00 min 10:05 min 14:20 min
Weight 42g 110g 140g
„Heavy” option 70g —— 180-220g


The weight of a vinyl record is a very important factor affecting both the solidity of the record itself and the quality of the music played from it.


Standard vinyl records are produced in black. We offer a large range of other colors, including one, two and even three-color mix. Records can be also transparent, solid and transparently colored.

Selected price example

Black 12" vinyl

12 inch vinyl, weight 140 grams, black, 2 times label, inner envelope.

tłoczenie winyli
Quantity Price per unit
300 €3,07
500 €2,38
Prices quoted are net amounts

Production process – Direct Metal Mastering ( DMM ) technology

Direct Metal Mastering is a better alternative to the traditional process of creating dies needed for vinyl disc pressing. The improvement consists in creating a “mother” disc from a copper disc, shortening the whole process. An additional advantage is the reduction of noise level and increasing the accuracy of information reproduction at higher frequencies. After the matrix is made, it is placed in a press and replicas are pressed. A label with a description is also applied to the disc during this step. The final stage is immediate cooling of the plate with water and cutting off unnecessary material.

How to deliver Your master?

Please see the instructions.

  • Short turnaround

    Thanks to our experience and access to wide source of materials and suppliers we are able to ensure shortest possible production time maintaining high quality standards at the same time.

  • Extensive services

    We are able to perform every order from the beginning to the end, because we deal with both printing and sound carrier production. We always provide expert advice.

  • Professional approach

    Starting with graphic design, adequate choice of production method or best packaging option – on each stage of the production we look after every detail.